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Top 7 Interesting Facts in The World You Will Like to Know

Facts in The World

The world changes pretty fast, especially these days. It wasn’t always this way though. Check below the Top 7 Interesting Facts in The World You Will Like to Know, The rate of change is much faster than it used to be. This is partly due to numerous factors. Ever since the renaissance there has been a relatively rapid pace of cultural and technological advancements. It was only accelerated by things like the Industrial Revolution and now the Digital Revolution. We went from stabbing each other with bayonets to walking on the moon in less than a century. The pace of advancement is somewhat startling. Never has a successive generation lived in such a different world from their parents. And this is the source of our list today.



Once carrots were purple until late in the 16th century Dutch growers took mutant strains of the purple carrot and gradually developed them into the sweet, plump, orange variety we have today.


Facts in The World

Two actors have died while playing Judas in live Biblical plays by accidentally hanging themselves for real during the death scene.


Facts in The World

The China National Highway 110 traffic jam was a recurring massive traffic jam that began to form on August 14, 2010, mostly on China National Highway 110 and Beijing–Tibet expressway, in Hubei and Inner Mongolia. The traffic jam slowed down thousands of vehicles for more than 100 kilometers (60 mi) and lasted for more than ten days. Many driv

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