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Top 7 Human Body Features You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

Human Body

It’s really strange and may be even frightening but these freaks of nature are the same human beings as anyone else. Each person is unique — sometimes more than we think. Even though we all have the same number of limbs and similar features, some small details make everyone an X-Man of sorts.
Before you witness this mind-boggling gallery of people born with extra body parts, count your blessings and name them one after the other. Check the pictures and story of Top 7 Human Body Features You Wouldn’t Believe Exist.

Human Body

7. The girl with eight limbs – Top 7 Human Body Features You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

Lakshmi Tatma is an Indian girl born in 2005 in a village in Araria district, Bihar, having “four arms and four legs.” She was actually one of a pair of ischiopagus conjoined twins one of which was headless because its head had atrophied and chest had not fully developed in the womb, causing the appearance of one child with four arms and four legs.
Lakshmi Tatma is a two-year-old girl named after the Hindu goddess of wealth who has four arms. She was believed to have been “sent from God” when she was born to a poor rural family in the Indian state of Bihar. They Worship the extra human body part in her.


Human Body

6. The girl with a fetus on her back

When Yin Xin of China was born, doctors noticed something unusual: The girl had an underdeveloped human body fetus growing on her back. It started out as just an arm, but as the girl has grown, so has the fetus. It started to take on a more human shape, with evidence of a breast and fingers starting to appear as Xin reached eleven years of age. Her parents finally saved up the money to remove the fetus, and the girl is supposedly living life without the extra “twin” today.


Human Body

5. The Spider Twins

Ganga and Jamuna Mondal, known professionally as The Spider Girls and The Spider Sisters, are conjoined twins from a Bengali family in Basirhat, West Bengal, India.
The twins are joined at the abdomen and pelvis, have four arms, and three legs, two of which are fused into a single, nine-toed limb, which remains concealed behind their human body. They share a stomach, but have two hearts, two kidneys, one liver, and one reproductive tract.
The twins have been examined by doctors to determine whether or not they can be separated. However, they have no plans to do so because they feel it would be against God’s will, carry too great a medical risk, and would rob them of their employment.

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Human Body

4. The Three Legged Man

Three-legged man Francesco “Frank” Lentini was born sometime between July 1884 and May 1889 in Rosolino, Italy, one of 12 children. His large number of siblings was a pretty mundane fact about his life, however, considering that he had an extra human body part, full-sized leg that protruded from the right side of his body, which caused him no shortage of embarrassment while growing up. As he aged, though, instead of viewing his extra limb as a liability, Lentini began to see it as an opportunity to educate and entertain others.
When he was eight years old, Lentini moved to the United States – Bridgeport, CT, to be exact – and eventually toured as “The Great Lentini” and the “Three-Legged Football Player,” appearing in carnival sideshows and performing with Ringling Brothers and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.


Human Body

3. The Man With Two Faces

Edward Mordake is the apocryphal subject of an urban legend who was, according to the legend, born in the 19th century, heir to an English peerage, and had an extra human body part, an extra face on the back of his head. The duplicate face could not see, eat or speak out loud but was said to “sneer while Mordake was happy” and “smile while Mordake was weeping”. Mordake repeatedly begged doctors to have his “demon face” removed, claiming that it whispered things that “one would only speak about in hell” at night, but no doctor would attempt it. According to the legend, Mordake committed suicide at the age of 23.

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Human Body

2. Man With Extra Nose – Top 7 Human Body Features You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

A man from China’s Fujian province has had a new nose grown on his forehead following a traffic accident last year. The 22-year-old man suffered severe nasal trauma and his subsequent treatment caused his nasal cartilage to corrode. Surgeons came up with the idea of growing an extra human body, which is a nose on his forehead. After nine months of growth, surgeons say that the nose is in good shape.
They’re not from some horror movie—they’re real science. The nose-on-the-forehead photo depicts a nose repair in progress in China.


Human Body

1. Boy With Extra Body On His Chest

An Indian boy with eight limbs, who was venerated as a god, has undergone an operation to give him a chance at a normal life. Deepak Paswan, 7, was born with a parasitic twin conjoined to his abdomen, giving him four legs and four arms but one head. This boy had extra human body part on his chest making him different from other kids.



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