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There are many methods available on the net for repairing the corrupted memory card but my favorite method is using cmd.

It is the best method according to me which has repair many of my memory cards as well as pendrives.

There are many softwares available on the net which can repair memory card and pendrive but will be off trial period which will as for the purchase in the future or it will b a fake software.

Corrupt Memory Card and Harddisk


But This method which I’m going to tell you does not require any software download, we will just use a cmd to do our process and once our process gets over our corrupted memory card or pendrive will start working correctly.

Carefully Check out the Processes and do the same as said Step by Step








Step 1 – Open cmd (not in Admin ‘star+R’ and type ‘cmd’)

Step 2 – Now type
and press enter

Step 3 – A new diskpart cmd window will appear we have to work on this window
Step 4 – Now on this window type
list disk
and press enter.



After you press enter it will show all the harddisks and external storage devices connected to the pc select the external storage device connect ie. the corrupted memory card or pendrive you will know this device by just seeing the size of the disk mostly Disk 1 is the external storage device.

Step 5 – Now type
select disk 1
and press enter

Step 6 – Now type
and press enter

Step 7 – Now type
create partition primary
and press enter

Step 8 – Now type
and press enter

Step 9 – Now type
select partition 1
and press enter

Step 10 – Now type
format fs=fat32
and press enter After pressing enter the formating will start let the format to get completed

Step 11 – After the completion of the formatting process type exit and press enter which will exit the window.


That’s it. Your memory card or pendrive, It will start working properly. Check this out to see that its now working by transferring files into it.

Enjoy Repairing!!!

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