Top 10 Most Common Laptop Problems And Their Solutions

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1. Computer not starting. 2. No sound coming from the computer. 3. Monitor screen is blank. 4. Computer boots but doesn’t lunch windows. 5. Slow internet. 6. Wireless network dropping. 7. Mouse not working. 8. Keyboard not working. 9. No internet connection. 10. Computer running slow.
Computer will not start

Check all cables are plugged in and
switches turned on.
Check monitor is turned on and
plugged into the computer.
Change fuse in cable.Check extension
if using one.
Try a different known working socket.
Change power lead.
Check no buttons or switches are
No sound coming from computer

Check that your speakers are on and
plugged in
Check that the speaker is connected
to the right port (Green to Green)
Check the volume is turned up
Check you don’t have sound muted
(icon in taskbar)
Try plugging in ear phones to rule out
broken speakers.



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Monitor screen blank

Check monitor is correctly connected
Check monitor is plugged in and
turned on
Check connection to computer is not
Computer Boots but wont launch

Can you boot into safe mode? (F8 on
start-up) if yes the problem is likely to
be something software related rather
than hardware.
Run malware, virus scans
If you can’t boot into safe mode try
booting into your computers repair my
computer mode to fix start-up issues
Try using system restore if you can
boot to safe mode or recovery to
restore to a previous date
Slow internet
Reboot your router and restart your
computer (reboot router by
unplugging and plugging back in
after 5 minutes)
Check for malware and
spyware infections.
Check there are no problems with
your provider
Check other reasons for slow internet
speeds here.
Wireless connection dropping
Reboot both the computer and the
Change the wireless channel
Move the router to a more central
Extend your network using powerline
Extend your wireless network with
a Wireless N Range Extender
If your aerial is removable replace
with a TP-Link TL-ANT2405C 2.4GHz
5dbi Indoor Omni-Directional
Antenna or similar to increase range.

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