Now! you can Send and Receive Payments With Google Assistant

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Making payments just got a lot more easier with Google’s latest announcement. Now you will be able to easily make payments by just interacting with Google assistant. This means that you won’t even have to type anything on your smartphone at all.

[spacer height=”15px”] Google recently made the announcement that users in the US will be able to send and receive payments with Google assistant. The new feature will be rolled out in the upcoming months to Google Home and Android devices.

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[spacer height=”10px”] Once the new feature is released, you’ll be able to use the phrase “Ok Google, send $10 to John for pizza,” and Google Assistant will take care of the rest. But your debit card need to be linked to your Google account.

[spacer height=”15px”] As a security measure, Google Assistant will ask for your fingerprint before any transaction is authorised. Also, you will have the option to change the verification option from fingerprint to security code.

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