Gets A New Home Screen And Better Organised Navigation on Facebook Messenger App

[spacer height=”15px”] While the Latest Facebook messenger update focused more on users conversation, the upcoming update to the messenger app is expected to focus more on the User Interface and navigation.

[spacer height=”15px”] The home screen of the messenger app is expected to wear a new look. Although the same number of features will be maintained, it will be rearranged to make it better organised. The upcoming update will really focus more on transforming the messenger app into a personal hub where users can easily connect with people and businesses.

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The top of the inbox will feature new tabs which will make navigating through messages a lot more quicker, also highlight those which are active. The bottom will also include a new bar which will feature tabs to the Home screen, Calls, Camera button, People (search) and Games.

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The new bar will also feature Facebook’s new discover tab. Also Facebook is adding a new red dot which will act as a visual clue for users to catch up on whatever they have missed.

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The new features will be rolled out in the next update for iOS and android users. And it will also be available for all users worldwide.

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