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Top 7 Unbelievable Animals That Saves Lives

Animals that saves life

Our pets can feel like lifesavers just by being there for us at the end of a long, stressful day and looking up at us with their adorable, happy faces. The majority of people love animals because they are faithful, amusing and keep us company. To many people, animals are good pals. The question in the minds of many people now is, can animals be of any help to human beings in times of tragedy? Is it possible for animals to save the lives of human beings? Click below Top 7 Unbelievable Animals That Saves Lives to find out more.


Animals that saves life

Meagan has a Quaker parrot named Willie, a fun-loving and highly intelligent critter, who is very entertaining and talkative. He knows more than a few off color words and can mimic the sounds of dogs, cats, chickens and even humans kissing.
Megan, Willie’s owner, was taking care of her roommate’s two-year-old daughter when she left the room for a moment, and the baby, Hannah, began to choke on her breakfast. Willie repeatedly screeched the words “Mama! Baby! Mama! Baby!” as he was moving his wings. Fortunately, Megan returned on time and found the girl almost in a blue skin tone.

Megan was able to save Hannah by performing the Heimlich maneuver, but said Willie was “the real hero.” In fact, Willie received a prize during an event called “Breakfast of Champions,” attended by Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. Hanna’s mother also thanked that day that parrots could mimic human sounds.



Animals that saves life

Diver Yang Yun lived a terrifying moment in a competition in China, when cramps paralyzed her legs due to the cold of the water. Yun, 26, struggled to move her legs, but failed.
Belugas have an affinity for humans, but Mila the whale took the relationship to a new level at the Polar Land Aquarium in Harbin, North East China. Yang Yun was competing in a free-dive competition there, hoping to land a job training whales. As one of seven finalists, Yang intended to dive as deep as she could in the icy water of the aquarium’s tanks without any diving gear. As she ran out of breath and prepared to resurface, leg cramps prevented her ascent.

The young woman began to sink, unable to fight the greater negative bouyancy of the deeper water. The whales Mila and her companion Nicola somehow sensed the urgency of the situation. Mila gripped the diver’s leg in her mouth and pushed Yang to the surface.



Animals that saves life

Lulu the pot-bellied pig created quite the media storm back in 1998. It was then that the world first heard about the pig that ‘played dead’ in the road to save her dying owner.
Jo Ann Altsman suffered a heart attack while on vacation in the forests of northern Presque Isle, Pennsylvania.
Lulu, a domesticated pig saw his owner in troubles and quickly went out onto the road and lay on it until a car stopped; then, she got up and headed for his owner’s mobile home. Lulu repeated this several times, according to witnesses, until finally a young driver decided to follow her. The young man quickly called emergency and saved Mr. Jo’s life.

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Animals that saves life

Simon Steggall, 42, of Warboys in Cambridgeshire, said Dory, a one-and-a-half stone rabbit, jumped on his chest and thumped furiously when he passed out while watching television.
Even though his wife is an ambulance driver trained to take quick, lifesaving action, it was Simon Steggall’s rabbit who came to his rescue in 2004. While his wife, Victoria, was in the kitchen, he had seemed to doze off in front of the TV, but in reality was suffering a diabetic reaction, unable to move or make a sound. Dory sensed his predicament and began anxiously hopping and fidgeting on his chest. Victoria soon noticed the odd behavior and realized what was really going on. She called for emergency assistance when she couldn’t raise him herself.



Animals that saves life

Three lions rescued a 12-year-old Ethiopian girl after she was kidnapped by several men trying to force her into a marriage, chasing off her abductors and protecting her until she was rescued by Ethiopian police, several news media outlets reported shortly after.
And to everyone’s surprise, the lions surrounded her and stayed there for many hours, until people came to rescue her. Then, the animals went to the woods, leaving the child to be cared for by the people who had just arrived.



Animals that saves life

In October 2008, one 13-pound Chihuahua named Chi Chi yipped and yapped so hysterically that he couldn’t be ignored.
His owners, Rick and Mary Lane, had taken Chi Chi with them to the beach on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The diminutive doggie was resting in his own beach chair (and restrained with a leash) when he suddenly went berserk. “He leapt out of his beach chair, still attached, dragging the beach chair, and he started sending out an alarm,” Mary Lane said. “He was making a sound we never heard before. Rick said, ‘Hey, what’s the matter with the dog?'”

Chi Chi had spotted something horrible happening about 100 yards down the beach. “There was a storm surge, and there were two elderly ladies — one had fallen on her back headfirst into the surf,” Mary Lane said. “The other lady … was trying to hold her head up, and she was in danger of being washed out.” The Lanes rushed to assist them, and after making sure the women were okay, went back to find Chi Chi already fast asleep again.



Animals that saves life

Binti Jua is a female western lowland gorilla in the Brookfield Zoo, in Brookfield, Illinois, outside of Chicago. She was involved in an incident in 1996, in which she tended to a three-year-old boy who had fallen into her enclosure.
In August of 1996 at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, a 3-year-old boy fell 18 feet into a gorilla enclosure, sustaining a rather severe head injury. Binti Jua, a female Lowland Gorilla, protected the boy from the other gorillas, who are notoriously territorial. She then cradled him in her arms and carried him 60 feet to an entrance where zoo employees and medical personnel waited to treat his injuries.

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