7 Steps to Fix the Challenge of Computer not Booting-up

computer not booting up

Boot-up in computer means starting-up process that begins with turning on the computer’s power. There are many challenges face by computer users all over the world by turning up the computer system. Skyblazon is up with 7 Steps to Fix the Challenge of Computer not Booting-up, after this steps you will be able to fix all challenge you have in terms of booting-up your computer.

computer not booting up

The socket supply power to the computer system.

7. AC power plugs and sockets

Electrical plugs and sockets differ in voltage and current rating, shape, size and type of connectors. The types used in each country are set by national standards, some of which are listed in the IEC technical report TR 60083, Plugs and socket-outlets for domestic and similar general use standardized in member countries of IEC.

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Check your socket, mostly the socket is faulty and as such cannot supply power to the computer system, in this case to be sure plug another appliance to the socket to be sure its supplying out power or use the electrical meter to confirm it. If it is faulty then you have to replace it before before continuing with the troubleshooting.

computer not booting up

UPS stabilize, regulate and retain current for the computer to function very well.

6. UPS

An uninterruptible power supply, also uninterruptible power source, UPS or battery/flywheel backup, is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source or mains power fails. A UPS is typically used to protect hardware such as computers, data centers, telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment.
Your UPS can be showing power on indicator but it’s not supplying current out, so check on your UPS and make sure it’s working properly.

computer not booting up

The power cable transmit current from the socket to the computer system.


The terms power cord are generally used for cables, using a power plug to connect to a single-phase alternating current power source at the local line voltage—(generally 100 to 240 volts, depending on the location). This cord are mostly black in gray in color with two to three pin plug head which goes to the socket and the other head goes to the computer (CPU or Monitor).

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This cord mostly have break in between that doesn’t allow current to flow very well so you need to check the power cord if it is in good order otherwise replace it.

computer not booting up

The power pack supply current to the motherboard and other part of the computer.

4. Power Pack

You believe that it would be the power supply going bad. If you don’t know how yourself have someone come look at it or if anyone you know has decent computer knowledge to check or replace the power supply. How to Check a Power Supply. The power supply is often forgotten when it comes to diagnosing computer problems, but testing your power supply first can save you a lot. There are several ways in which you can test a desktop computer power supply. My preferred method is to use a power supply tester.

computer not booting up

The Hard Disk is a storage device.

3. Hard Disk

The term Hard Disk magnetic disk on which you can store computer data. The term hard is used to distinguish it from a soft, or floppy, disk. Nearly every desktop computer uses one or more hard-disk drives. Your hard disk holds all of the information available on your computer.

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computer not booting up

The RAM is a computer memory on which data can be read.


The function of the RAM in a computer system cannot be over emphases, the RAM which is a computer memory on which data can be both read and written and on which the location of data does not affect the speed of its retrieval when dead in the computer system it loses its ability to function. If the RAM is dead it beams like three times continuously, in such case you need to replace the RAM with another one (New). Sometime it can be dead but it wouldn’t beam so troubleshoot it.

computer not booting up

The VGA transmit data from the CPU to the monitor.


This is the display hardware, first introduced with the IBM PS/2 line of computers in 1987. Through widespread adoption, the term has also come to mean either an analog computer display standard.

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Also its an expansion card which generates a feed of output images to a display (such as a computer monitor). When either the card or the cable is bad the CPU and the monitor doesn’t communicate in such case change the cable or replace the card.


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