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7 Discoveries and Mind Blowing Creatures that cant be Explained

discovered creature

Here are 7 Discoveries and Mind Blowing Creatures that can not be Explained allegedly walk the Earth. These creatures defy logic, inspire the imagination of man. Some creatures are been caught after high winds and heavy rains of Hurricane. . . . .

discovered creature


The Goatman is a half-human creature that has the head and hindquarters of a goat and the body of a human. The Goatman is an axe-wielding half-animal, half-man creature that was once a scientist who worked in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. The tale holds that he was experimenting on goats until one experiment backfired, and he was mutated, becoming goat-like himself. He then began attacking cars with an axe, roaming the back roads of Beltsville, Maryland. A variation of the legend tells of the Goatman as an old hermit who lives in the woods, seen walking alone at night along Fletchertown Road.

The first official report of this brute hails from 1957, when eyewitnesses reported seeing a hairy, horned monster in the areas of Forestville and Upper Marlboro in Prince George’s County. Following that wave of sightings, the beast apparently decided to lay low until the summer of 1962, when the Goatman was accused of killing no less than fourteen people — twelve children and two accompanying adults — who were apparently hiking too close to its lair.

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The survivors, who, of course, remain unidentified, claimed that the Goatman violently hacked its victims to pieces with an axe, all the while emitting ghastly sounds only the “devil himself” would make. One variation of the story has it that the Goatman was the result of a DNA experiment conducted by a scientist named Stephen Fletcher, though other variations suggest a more supernatural origin involving the Devil.


discovered creature


Fishermen in Netherlands thought they were off their trawlers when they dredged up a two-headed porpoise in June. It was found in waters near Hoek Van Holland.
Experts at the University of Rotterdam confirmed it was the first case of conjoined twin porpoises ever discovered and only the tenth known case within cetaceans — a group of sea mammals which includes whales and dolphins.


discovered creature


A Huge and mysterious object that washed up on a New Zealand beach has caused widespread speculation about its origins, spawning some particularly bizarre conspiracy theories about what it might be.
Locals of Auckland’s Muriwai Beach were left puzzled after they found the giant barnacle-covered object beached on the shore over the weekend.
Local resident Melissa Doubleday came across it on Saturday and was left perplexed by the foreign beach intruder which later became known as the “Muriwai Monster”.

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discovered creature


A dog walker claimed to have stumbled upon the rotting remains of a dead mermaid in Norfolk, England.
Paul Jones said the creature has fins and a tail, but a decayed head which looks human.


discovered creature


The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp is allegedly a reptilian humanoid cryptid which is said to inhabit areas of swampland in and around Lee County, South Carolina along with the sewers in towns near the swamp. In 2015, a woman, who only identified by her first name Sarah, claimed to have taken a single picture of the Lizard Man with her phone after stepping outside her church on Sunday, August 2. Shortly after the picture went viral, a hunter who wished to remain unidentified released a 25-second-long video that he had taken in the woods near the same area, depicting a dark figure briefly moving through the trees in the distance, saying that he filmed it in May and kept its existence a secret until Sarah released her picture.

discovered creature


The blobfish is a deep sea fish of the family Psychrolutidae. It inhabits the deep waters off the coasts of mainland Australia and Tasmania, as well as the waters of New Zealand. The blobfish is called a sea monster. It looks like a human being. In 2013, it was named the “World’s Ugliest Animal.” (Sadly, this cool species is not found in any aquarium since it’s species is currently endangered.

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discovered creature


It is called the “Canvey Island” Monster since this carcass was found in Britain, somewhere on the shores of Canvey Island in 1953. This was not the only carcass which was found but a similar carcass was found again in 1954.

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